Boone County, IL Comparable Sales Finder


Comparable Sales Finder Help

This web application is offered as a beta service only - no guarantees of availability or accuracy are made. The comparable sales finder application is useful in finding recent sales in your property's neighborhood or section that can be used as comparables when appealing your assessment.

Further information on appealing your assessment, and the forms to do so can be found at

To use this service, you must have your propery's PIN - Property Identification Number, or sometimes parcel number. This can be found on a Tax bill, or on the assessor's Tax & Assessment website. Simply search that site for your property via owner name or address and record the resulting parcel number.

Type the PIN, with or without dashes, into the text box above and hit enter or click submit. This will bring up a record of your parcel that contains the improvements on the property (i.e houses, barns, sheds) and a list of the three most recent sales. At the bottom of this screen is a link to search for recent, valid sales for your neighborhood or section.

A neighborhood is defined by your assessment office, and is a group of houses, typically located near each other and built around the sames time. Often times this makes the sales in the same neighborhood the best candidates for comparable sales, as they are geographically close, and similar in construction and age.

A section is typically a square tract of land one mile to each side. The sales listed in the section view are more varied and numerous, and must be scrutinized more closely to find comparable sales.

On either the 'recent sales by section' or 'recent sales by neighborhood', a table containing the list of recent, valid sales will appear. This table can be sorted by clicking on the heading you want to sort by. Individual properties can also be highlighted by clicking in the row as a way to mark similar properties for yourself while sorting the table. These highlights will not stay if you leave the page.

By clicking the PIN number in the table of sales, you'll be taken to an information sheet exactly like the one shown for the property you initially searched for. This page allows you to see more than just the last valid sale, and each improvement if there is more than one.

The most important factors when determining a comparable sale are :
  1. House type
  2. Square Footage
  3. Age
  4. Basement

One important thing to note about the sales presented on this site : Many factors go into determining whether a sale is 'valid' as a comparable including exposure to market, parties involved, and price. The only factor used here to remove a potentially invalid sale is limiting sales to those sold for over $1,000. This tends to remove sales between related individuals or corporation and those involving a financial or government agency, but does not remove all invalid sales. Further research beyond this site is needed to truly determine whether a sale is valid or not. For more information contact the Supervisor of Assessment's office at (815) 544-2958.